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ParamQuery grid is open source fastest jQuery grid plugin for displaying and manipulating tabular data in rich Ajax applications. Inspired by MS Excel and Google spreadsheet, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to performance. It surpasses the benchmarks hitherto set by well known commercial and open source grids for impeccable handling of largest number of records. Equipped with frugal memory architecture and virtual rendering, it delivers similar performance irrespective of whether it's 10 or 1 million records. It's written in the spirit of creating a library with open API to facilitate add custom code and interact with other javascript/jQuery libraries in callbacks or events as required and can be customized to an extent only limited by one's imagination! It blends very well with other jQueryUI controls and is based upon jQueryUI Widget factory which makes for very good design pattern for UI controls with consistent API. Able to create beautiful and prettier grids and enriched with wide range and variety of features, it's equally suitable for displaying basic HTML tables and for advanced use w.r.t. the features enlisted below.



  • Local and remote (Ajax) sorting
  • Local and remote (Ajax) paging
  • Multiple row and cell selections with full customization
  • Hiding / Showing columns
  • Resizable columns and grid
  • Grouping of columns
  • Freeze any number of Columns like Excel
  • Summary of Rows
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Search / Filter
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Display any data format like HTML, Array, XML, JSON, etc sourced locally or remotely (Ajax)
  • Virtual & Infinite Scrolling (Demo with 1 million records)
  • Inline Editing of cells
  • Custom cell rendering & editing
  • Theme Roller ready with 24 ready to use themes
  • Custom themes
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Can be used with any server side framework e.g. ASP.NET, MVC, JSP, JSF, PHP, etc
  • Consistent look and functionality across all major browsers IE(8+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc
  • Many more
Screenshot of ParamQuery Grid

Current Version: 1.1.3

Dependencies: jQuery >= 1.7, jQueryUI >= 1.9.1

License: GPL v3





Theme Roller ready

ParamQuery Grid is themeroller ready, which implies one can choose from jQueryUI gallery of 24 ready to use themes or one can roll one's own theme with just a few mouse clicks.

ParamQuery Grid is based upon object oriented (OOP) design principles which facilitates logic encapsulation and helps write easier to maintain scripts. It scales well for medium to large size development teams. See an example here.

Added: Sept 11, 2013
Last Modified: June 30, 2015
ParamQuery Pro
ParamQuery Team is very pleased to announce availability of ParamQuery Pro which is rare breed of a powerful grid and spreadsheet. The following features provided by Pro supplement the basic features of pqGrid.


Pro Features:

  • Bootstrap support
  • Reorder columns using drag and drop
  • Multiple column sorting
  • Frozen rows like Excel
  • Filter API
  • Toolbar API
  • Column header filter interface
  • Row grouping / Pivot tables
  • Unprecedented Support for unlimited columns
  • Export to Excel / CSV
  • Checkbox selection
  • Validation rules
  • Row Editing
  • ATOMIC transactions (commit & rollback)
  • Nesting of grids/Sub Grids
  • Detail of rows
  • Swipe support for desktop and touch devices (v2.1.0)
  • Fluid layouts (v2.1.0)
  • Copy rows/cells to and from ClipBoard/Excel (v2.2.0)
  • Undo and redo similar to Excel (v2.2.0)
  • Copy rows/cells API for touch devices (v2.3.0)
  • Cell warnings, comments and meta data API (v2.3.0)
  • Server side examples in ASP.NET (MVC)/ MSSQL
  • Server side examples in PHP5/ MySQL
  • Server side examples in Java/ MySQL
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