ParamQuery ScrollBar API Documentation

pqScrollBar is a standalone widget which is used for scrolling in pqGrid. It can also be used independently of the grid.

Reference to horizontal pqScrollBar in pqGrid can be obtained using
                var $pqScrollbar = $grid.find("div.pq-scrollbar-horiz").pqScrollBar();
                var $pqScrollbar = $("div.pq-scrollbar-horiz", $grid ).pqScrollBar();

Reference to vertical pqScrollBar can be obtained using
                var $pqScrollbar = $grid.find("div.pq-scrollbar-vert").pqScrollBar();
                var $pqScrollbar = $("div.pq-scrollbar-vert", $grid ).pqScrollBar();
Note: Please use pq-sb-horiz & pq-sb-vert instead of pq-scrollbar-horiz & pq-scrollbar-vert as of v2.0.4