Excel formulas

need little introduction; for an end user, these work in jQuery grid similar to how they work in Excel spreadsheet.

Excel formulas can be nested upto any number of levels e.g., "=SUMPRODUCT(MAX(IF(....),MIN(...)))"

Excel formulas can also be entered by user typing in cells ( first character as "=" ) similar to Excel.

Excel formulas can contain absolute and relative references to range of cells.

Excel formulas can be imported from and exported to Excel xlsx file.

Result of excel formulas can also be exported to other formats like csv, html.

Here is a list of supported Excel formulas by grid.

Assignment of Excel formulas

Excel formulas can be pre defined in JSON data with pq_fn property of rows ( as shown in this example ).

{ company: 'Total',
    //predefined excel formulas in json.
    pq_fn: {                     
        revenues: 'SUM(C1:C10)',
        profits: 'SUM(D1:D10)'

Dynamic assignment of Excel formulas with API

Excel formulas can be assigned dynamically with updateRow method and prefixing the formulas with "=".

            rowList: [
                    rowIndx: 10,
                    newRow: { company: 'Avg', revenues: '=AVERAGE(C1:C10)', profits: '=AVERAGE(D1:D10)' }