Export to Excel

The grid data can be exported to following:
  1. Excel file with xlsx extension.
  2. csv
  3. Html
  4. Json
  5. Zip file.
In Excel export,
  1. for numbers, grid number format is converted to equivalent Excel format.
  2. for dates, grid date format is converted to equivalent Excel format.
The export of following is inbuilt:
  1. Export of merged cells.
  2. Export of worksheets.
  3. Export of spreadsheet formulas.
  4. Export of merged cells.
  5. Export of grouped rows
  6. Export of grouped columns
  7. Export of filtered rows.

Format and content of exported file can be controlled at 2 levels.


Please check the API for details of these common options and parameters.
Column options:
  1. column.copy
  2. column.hidden
  3. column.exportRender
  4. column.format
exportData() parameters
  1. render
  2. noheader


  1. column.render
  2. ui.Export in column.render
  3. javascript workbook: This is available for Excel export only. Any customization which is not possible through options and parameters alone can be done at this stage programmatically by altering the javascript workbook itself. it opens up lot of possibilities like combining of multiple worksheets, add custom content, formatting to any cell. In order to do this, you need to understand the structure of workbook.