ParamQuery Grid FAQ

Can I use it for Commercial Project and / or modify the source code?

ParamQuery Grid and its associated components can be used for free in Open Source or Commercial software applications under GPL v3 license terms. Countless hours have been spent on ParamQuery to make it available to the community, so please try to show your support for the project by referring it to your friends, adding a star to the repo or adding a url pointing to

Base GPL licensed version would always be free however if GPL license terms don't suit your project and if you are looking for advanced enterprise features along with dedicated official support, you may use ParamQuery PRO which is available under commercial & OEM license terms.

PQ Grid ProEvaluation, Commercial & OEM
PQ SelectGPL & Commercial

Where do I get documentation for ParamQuery Grid?

Please check out the Tutorial to get started, API for comprehensive list of options, methods and events. Also check Demos section for examples and sample source code.

Where do I get support for ParamQuery?

Please join and post your questions in the ParamQuery forum

Please take note of the following while seeking help on forum:
  • Keep the subject line relevant and meaningful.
  • Include all relevant details in the message so as to enable the reader to reproduce your test case or provide a reduced test case with jsfiddle or any code sharing tool.
  • Consider to help others once you learn ParamQuery.

I've added a useful feature or fixed a bug. How can I contribute to ParamQuery?

You are welcome to make contributions to ParamQuery. However there are few things which should be taken care of to make the effort convenient and to protect interest of every stakeholder. There are a set of guidelines for jQuery project which could be followed for contributing to ParamQuery project also. These guidelines are mentioned here: The important point is that you shouldn't commit your changes on the master branch and your changes/additions should be backed by reasonable number of test cases.

Where can I report a bug?

Bugs can be reported at GitHub here:

Where can I request for a new feature?

New features can also be requested at GitHub here:

What changed between this version and previous version?

You may check Change Log at GitHub here It's also included in the download.