ParamQuery 2.x Upgrade Guide


This guide is meant to assist in upgrading from Version 1.x to v2.x. All major changes which are impacted by upgrade are listed below, along with how to upgrade your code to work with v2.x. For new features please refer the Forum news board & API for 2.x.

General Changes

ParamQuery v2.x introduces virtual mode for columns in addition to virtual mode for rows which is supported in basic version 1.x. That implies support for unlimited columns ( practically thousands of columns ) in v2.x.

Changes in version 2.0.0

dataModel.getUrl callback is optional in v2.x as it takes care of construction of querystrings / POST data associated with URL on its own for remote sorting, paging and filtering. The getUrl callback implementation for version 1.x can be adapted for v2.x by taking a note that the context i.e., this keyword in getUrl no longer points to dataModel.

Rather reference to dataModel can be taken from ui argument to the function.

getUrl: function ( ui ){
   var dataModel = ui.dataModel;
   return {
        url: "order.aspx/GetOrderItems",
        data: {'sortColumn': dataModel.sortIndx ,'sortDir': dataModel.sortDir }

Changes in version 2.0.2

How to refresh the data or view of grid

Changes in version 2.0.3

In previous versions, we used to define paging options e.g. paging, curPage, totalPages, rPP, rPPOptions, etc in the dataModel. In 2.0.3 we define paging options in separate pageModel. Localization strings for pager can also be provided in pageModel.


Second change is removal of dataModel property from ui argument in row and cell related callbacks and events. That has a direct bearing on retreival of row data. If[ui.rowIndx] or[ui.rowIndxPage] is used to fetch row data, please change it to ui.rowData which is concise and more readable.

Changes in version 2.0.4

ui.rowIndx, ui.rowData, ui.colIndx, ui.dataIndx can be undefined in rowSelect, rowUnSelect, cellSelect, cellUnSelect events when multiple rows/cells are selected at once.
Second change is related to change in name of class of scrollbar. So use pq-sb-horiz & pq-sb-vert instead of pq-scrollbar-horiz & pq-scrollbar-vert

Changes in version 2.1.0

Support for non virtual mode and introduction of virtualX and virtualY options for virtual rendering. Non virtual mode i.e., virtualX & virtualY are set to false by default and they need to set to true in order to restore virtual rendering mode.