Export of grouped columns

Collapsed / Hidden columns

When columns are collapsed in grid like `Balance Sheet` grouped column in this example, they behave similar to hidden columns. This is also applicable to collapsible columns in pivot grid.

In html, csv, pdf export, the collapsed or hidden columns are always exported as visible columns.

In Excel spreadsheet xlsx format export however the hidden columns are exported as hidden columns which can be made visible ( if required ) by making changes in js workbook as shown in this example.

workbook.sheets[0].columns.forEach(function (col) {
    col.hidden = false;

Hidden columns can be entirely removed from export by passing skipHiddenCols: true to exportData method.

rowSpanHead option

Headers can be exported with and without rowSpanHead mode.

Use the checkbox in the toolbar to see the difference between the modes.


Undesired columns can be excluded from exported data by adding skipExport: true to the columns or selecting exportable columns from the header popup menu.